Emotive and effective Campaign for P&G and NGO Malíček to help children (and their parents) who were born too early. We helped to collect 8,000 € and have purchased 7 adjustable chairs for hospitals.


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In April, the McArthurGlen (another European leader in designer outlet retailing) decided to officially open the Phase V of the Designer Outlet Parndorf, extending the center to a 36,500 m² gross leasable area. A 50 million-euro investment allowed the McArthurGlen to expand the center by 5500 m². The expansion has increased the number of stores to 160, with a number of parking places rising by one third to 3000. The expansion is characterized by its modern, innovative design and architecturally it fits into the surroundings. The new part boasts with a central square with a fountain in Italian style with a touch of countryside.


We introduced the new AeroMobil to the Slovak journalists and showed them our development center. They had an exclusive opportunity to look directly into the development “kitchen” of a flying car. AeroMobil was for the first time introduced at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco. It is a commercially available model, for which the producer has started accept pre-orders. The vehicle should be in full production in the coming years. The first deliveries can be expected by customers in 2020. The new AeroMobil will be available in a limited edition 500 pieces and will be sold for the price between 1.2 and 1.5 million EUROS, depending on customer requirements and specifications. The first 25 pieces will be part of the special series called Founders Edition, which will include certain product benefits. Their details will be announced later.


Most of us take the gift of hearing for granted, for others it is the second chance for life. Literally. ME-DEL Company, which produces cochlear implants, in cooperation with the best Slovak hearing specialists, has challenged Neopublic to share the message of hearing problems and opportunities among people. The agency worked with strong real life stories and facts, which could not leave either media or the public stiff. Thanks to nowadays technologies and the hard work of specialists, people suffering from hearing loss can hear the voices of their families – this message targeted more than 4 million Slovak people during a week.


Hair loss is a difficult change for a woman suffering from a disease. It affects the psychic and gives the signal to other people about what the woman is going through. Thanks to the project Cut Out Slovakia, dozens of women and ladies could enjoy a real hair wig that brought them a bit of quality into life. The wigs production process requires not only a lot of time and good hair, but also a financial support. From 10 May to 11 July 2017, anyone without the difference in length or quality of hair can join the project. Buying a single product Pantene in the 101 Drogerie Network you contribute to the production of wigs up to 50 cents. Healthy hair from Pantene can thus mean healthy hair for patients.