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We are a communication agency that provides public relations services in the Slovak and Czech markets.

Neopublic was founded in 2000 by Štefan Vadocz. His vision was to provide innovative communications services and help clients solve their complex business problems. In 2004, we became part of the Porter Novelli´s global network. From the beginning, we profile as a full-service agency with aim to provide high added value services. Currently, 30 communication professionals work in Prague and Bratislava. Our clients include popular world brands, as well as small clients and hopeful start-ups. We love our work and we want to help our clients communicate effectively. In the 18 years we have won several great awards, among the most prestigious ones belong the Golden Sabre Awards and Prokop in Slovakia or the Czech PR Award.


Our people have a passion for communication and they know how to do business. We are smart and super-organized. At Neopublic, we work in teams. Our work is often last minute and on the move, so we value the methodical approach, our own discipline and “can-do” attitude to work. The desire to meet the challenges, not to make mistakes and to enter an unknown environment is in line with our standards and strong working habits. We try to work transparently, openly and in accordance with ethical PR standards.

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